Community Analytics & Insights

With Bevy’s analytics dashboards, get all of the data you need to make strategic and tactical decisions.

Discover growth patterns and general activity in your community. Efficiently track your community at a regular cadence with at-a-glance views. Eliminate the operational load of manual data collection.
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Monitor all chapter, member, and event data with ease.

• Quantify the growth of your chapter programs.
• Discover which chapters are seeing rapid growth and which need revitalization.
• See chapter rankings and chapter growth by region.
Know more about your members in aggregate.
• Track membership growth, distribution by region, and activity.
• Get data on how your team of chapter leaders is growing.
See how many events your community has hosted and how many events are upcoming.
• Find out where your events are thriving by region, city, and country.
• What kinds of events are being hosted? See which event types are most popular.

With Bevy’s analytics dashboards

Be in the knowKnow which events and chapters are providing value to members using aggregate engagement data.
See the big pictureTrack the growth of your community. Get high-level views of your chapters, members, and events.
In-depth analysisDrill down on the details with filters. Hover over a visualization to see exact values, and then click to see a list of records.
No more data silosDownload data with the click of a button. Share and schedule the delivery of the data directly from the dashboard!
Democratized accessLet your organizers view how their chapters are doing. Everyone can make data-backed decisions, no matter their team or status.
Always up-to-dateDon’t worry about stale data. Dashboards refresh every 24 hours.

Atlassian: 700+ events, 115 chapters

See how Atlassian uses Bevy’s analytics dashboards to keep a pulse on their community

Event engagement data

• See detailed information about registrations, sessions, booths, and networking tables.

• Track hourly attendance and engagement by session.

• Get Q&A data.

See the different stories the data tells you

In addition to enabling you to measure the scale and growth of your community, Bevy helps you track the impact of your planning and initiatives. See what’s making a difference with graphs that show you patterns over time.

We are actively building the next generation of Bevy Analytics so that it’s more interactive and comprehensive. New updates are introduced regularly.