Todd Rowe joins Bevy as COO

Derek Andersen
May 23, 2022
November 8, 2022

I’m excited to share the incredible news that Todd Rowe has officially joined our team at Bevy as our Chief Operating Officer. This is a big deal; let me explain why. 


For the past two months, Todd has been working with many of our teams on go-to-market issues and opportunities. During this time, it became clear that having Todd join our team full-time would be a unique and incredible moment for us as a company. Many people that worked closely with him came to me and asked if we could work closer with Todd long term. After some conversations with Todd, the board, Alex and Joel, it was clear he would be a great fit and a huge value add for our already world class team here at Bevy. 


Todd has been instrumental in growing both early stage startups like PeopleSoft and E. piphany, as well large enterprise companies like Google, Apple, SAP and Adobe.  In his role at Google as Global Managing Director, he managed a 31 country/250 person sales, marketing, customer success, and product team growing it from $250M to $8B in annual revenue. At SAP, he managed a $500M ARR team with 2,800 partners. Earlier in his career at startups like PeopleSoft (from 200 hundred to thousands) and E.piphany (went from 30 people to 500 people) he helped them grow from early stages beyond IPO. 


The thing that struck me about working with Todd is how quickly he was able to solve some of the major challenges we’ve faced as a high growth startup. Todd Rowe joining our team will help us solve these challenges together and ensure that Bevy can continue to provide you with world-class services and support. While Todd will not be working directly with the product and engineering teams, his focus on the go-to-market solutions will give our product and engineers the stability and resources to innovate and grow. 


For the past year and a half, I’ve spent the majority of my time working with the go-to-market teams to help us build an infrastructure that supports the incredible vision we have as a company. Although rewarding, as a result, I haven’t been able to devote myself to what I love doing most–- building the product. 


With Todd joining Bevy as COO, I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and work much more closely with our customers to build the product roadmap we all need to succeed. Our mission is to bring people together to drive business impact, change lives, and make the world a better place for everyone. We believe that community-led events will be a paradigm shift in realizing that vision. 


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Derek Andersen
CEO at Bevy
May 23, 2022
November 8, 2022

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