Branch is different from other brand communities. They actually started building a community as a separate brand called Mobile Growth. And they created that even before Branch was started. It’s not the traditional approach of company who builds a user base and then builds a community around it.
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Bevy - Community led events


in ARR in the past 12 months


ROI compared to other marketing initiatives


Community members

Prove the value

People need to know the value of community, because it’s important for every organization to understand how valuable it is in order to invest in it. It took a lot of time and research to the prove the value.

Revenue attribution

The first thing they did was to become a lot better at capturing information about their attendees. The second thing we did is to centralize all of our events in one place where you can see the entire community where you can understand this not just one event, but it’s part of a larger community. The other thing we did was enriching the data to start understanding who is coming to our events in order to craft better content.

“We were one of the early Bevy customers and we started using them to solidify all our events into one landing page where we could gather a lot of user information, which helped us learn more about our customers.”

Mada Seghete

$5M in ARR

The Branch community influenced over $5M in ARR in the past 12 months, which is a big percentage of their revenue and it’s all brought in or heavily influenced by the community. So when they can show these numbers, they can convince leadership this is important and something they should keep investing in. The other interesting thing is their C2C community is 10x ROI when compared to other marketing initiatives.

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