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Wanting to tackle “Zoom fatigue” for their attendees by delivering an engaging & seamless conference experience, Sales Hacker leveraged Bevy to host Beyond Quota.
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Closing the virtual engagement gap

As 2020 closed, Sales Hacker knew they wanted to host an event for their community to kick-off the year. However, after seeing the conference burnout from the sales community, the Sales Hacker team wanted to deliver an experience that was elevated for both their attendees and speakers. Previous platforms the Sales Hacker team used would not allow for key functionalities like multiple sessions, live chat, networking tables, vendor booths nor the necessary enterprise security certifications.

Bevy Virtual Conference + Bevy Platinum Support

Leading up to Beyond Quota, the Sales Hacker team collaborated with Bevy’s customer success team to ensure the event was technologically sound and the organizing team felt confident in their event structure. Day of, the conference went without a hitch! Sales Hacker garnered a deeper level of engagement through inviting attendees up on stage to show-off their pitching skills.

“Beyond Quota was a success! With a high check in rate, tons of engagement and a platform that made it easy to add an interactive element to the mix, I think we met the goal of providing a high value, high energy virtual event. The experience with the Bevy team was a big help: making suggestions for the best way to set up sessions, running tech checks ahead of time and being hands on day-of made a big difference.”

Brooklin Nash
Head of Content at Sales Hacker

An above and beyond start to the year

Beyond Quota smashed Sales Hacker’s expectations for the event with a 10% increase in check-in rate, which was strengthened by the high attendee satisfaction rate. When asked what they liked best, one attendee in the post-event survey called out, "The amazing content topics, impressive roster of presenters, interaction during each panel, the number of people I "met" in my industry (I loved everything.)"

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