How Aging2 built a thriving community.

Aging2.0 is an international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational platform that supports innovators who are addressing the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging. Aging2.0 focuses on changing the conversation about aging from 1.0 (focused on medical, siloed approaches) to 2.0 (global, collaborative, opportunity-driven). One program that Aging2.0 runs is the global Chapter Program, which tasks city-based Chapters to create local ecosystems that support innovators in their area. Chapters host quarterly events that invite various stakeholders - innovators, investors, older adults, academia, service/product providers, and more - to discuss, showcase, and learn about the latest and greatest in aging innovation.


55% increase

Went from ~5000 to 9000+ attendees since 2017

50% increase

Went from 100 to 150+ events

44 more chapters

Added 44 more chapters since 2017

Our Challenge

Before Bevy, the community team at Aging2.0 was using multiple platforms stitched together. This meant there was a lot of logistical and administrative work for the HQ team, as well as all the Chapter Ambassadors around the world. Using one platform for event creation, another for membership, another for payments, another for tracking the community...

It was extremely difficult for Aging2.0 to track the success and oversee their community. Whatsmore, because there was little consistency in event creation, it was arduous to monitor and protect the branding of every single local Chapter event.

The Solution

Bevy provided Aging2.0 a platform where their data could live. Bevy gave the team a one-stop platform to track events, membership, chapters, volunteers, and newsletters. Everyone on the team, Chapter Ambassadors and HQ alike, were able to invest their time in things that mattered to them, like planning the events, supporting entrepreneurs, creating networks and scaling a successful Chapters Program.

Bevy is an easy and efficient way to create events that adhere to the Aging2.0 brand. With Bevy’s analytics, the HQ team is able to track their community and measure chapters, attendees, and events. The Bevy platform has provided Aging2.0 with quantitative metrics that allow headquarters and Chapters to secure new sponsorships and partnerships, alike.

Brittany Weinberg

It’s SO quick and easy to create an Aging2.0 Chapter event, and Bevy automatically designs a beautiful event page that makes it look like we spent hours working on it, when really it was a total of ten minutes.

Brittany Weinberg
Director of Community Engagement
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