How Duolingo built a thriving community.

With the help of Bevy, Duolingo scaled to 90+ courses and 300 million users. Duolingo has empowered thousands of language learning community leaders by appealing to their intrinsic motivations. Together they’ve built a global network of mission driven micro-communities.







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Our Challenge

Build a community growth engine

People are seeking out authentic, niche communities. Duolingo needed a way to create opportunities for people all over the world to do that, at scale. And they needed a way to clearly articulate the value of community to the leadership team.

The Solution

Thousands of micro-communities

Duolingo created a community-driven strategy based on the core tenets of the 1-9-90 model. By using Bevy, they were able to empower their global advocates to create content and encourage the wider community to engage through smaller in-person and virtual gatherings.

Laura Nestler

Bevy is critical for our platform for events. It is the infrastructure that drives everything, from the analytics, to the planning, to the coordinating. It’s the tool that powers the entire growth of our platform.

Laura Nestler
Head of Global Community


A thriving community

Duolingo started with 4 courses developed by their staff of language experts, then scaled to 91 courses in 36 languages. Today, they have local community groups in more than 2,000 cities and have hosted more than 37,000 events.

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650 virtual events with 20K attendees

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1,000+ virtual events in 6 weeks

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+237 events in less than 12 months

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