How Gainsight built a thriving community.

Gainsight is the customer success company. In 2013, at their first ever Pulse Conference, Gainsight recognized a need for customer success managers and professionals to meet more than once a year, and to have peer-to-peer discussions and learning opportunities more often. The Pulse Local Program was born from this need, and allows customer success managers to plug into the local community of their peers, and through that local community, connect with a global network of chapters.


40% increase

Went from 3000 to over 5000 members

19% increase

Went from 42 to over 50 chapters

Our Challenge

Gainsight was using multiple platforms stitched together, and, with each chapter using whichever platform they wanted, there wasn’t any consistency within the community. It was near impossible for the HQ team to support their chapter leaders when they needed help, and hard to deploy the “playbook” around event cadences and content, because they had to tailor it to each different chapter and each different software they were using.

The whole purpose of Gainsight’s community is to nurture, educate, and empower members to be better, to build lasting relationships with these individuals and build brand loyalty. But spread across so many different platforms, there was no way Gainsight could see their community members.

The Solution

Bevy created a unified experience for every member and every chapter that is consistent with the Pulse brand. Gainsight is now able to track the success of their chapter’s growth, how many people attend the events, how many events are being held by each chapter, and how many new chapters are forming. They can see the members of their community and track their journey with Gainsight.

This has given the HQ team insight and control into the community experience and they are able to tailor the individual’s experience to their needs and what they are interested in. This deep level of investment into the journey of each individual, means that Gainsight’s community is made up of loyal, educated, and empowered individuals who, when they find themselves in a buyer’s seat, will turn to Gainsight to purchase.

Brian Brannon

The fact that we can track individual members and actually know who is attending these local events is huge! That couldn’t be tracked before. And, being able to plug in the Salesforce or Marketo API on Bevy and know who these people are and where they are along their journey, was a huge leap for us!

Brian Brannon
Marketing Communications Manager
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