How Silicon Slopes built a thriving community.

Silicon Slopes is a nonprofit organization empowering Utah’s startup and tech community to learn, connect, and serve. The community is made up of multiple chapters that highlight regions inside of Utah, community chapters that highlight specific industries, and of course, the big, annual tech summit. The goal is to bring people together, and give back to the community. “To get ahead, it takes a village. If you have the opportunity to learn from each other’s mistakes, why wouldn’t you take it?” - Nairne Farner, Chief of Staff Silicon Slopes


3 to 40 active chapters

Since March 2018

103 events

Since March 2018

4137 attendees

Since March 2018

Our Challenge

Silicon Slopes have been hosting and throwing events for over five years, but they were never satisfied with all the tools they were using. They used multiple organizational, social, and event management platforms and tools to keep track of their events. What the HQ team wanted was a single place for all their community data and event information to live. They needed one tool where everything could live.

The Solution

Silicon Slopes found what they needed with Bevy. Bevy’s Community Hub provided the Silicon Slopes community with a beautiful, branded website where all of their information and data could live. With Bevy’s numerous integrations, it meant the HQ team could plug in all their tools and systems to keep track of how many events their community was hosting, how many members are joining, and how they are growing. Plus, they love the way their new homepage looks – sharp, clean, and totally seamless.

Nairne Farner

I love the way it looks – sharp, clean, and totally seamless. Bevy is innovating with us, we work with Bevy, versus them working for us.

Nairne Farner
Chief of Staff
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