How soar built a thriving community.

Soar hosts the best professional coaches in the world and the most innovative technologies to connect them with individuals and teams. They are continuously expanding their platform with building leading-edge tools, partnerships and strategies that ignite sustainable relationships between coaches and clients. The Soar community is imperative to the business, and the goal of their in person events is to introduce people to Soar and show them there is a community that provides these kinds of services


23 to 40 active chapters

156% increase

134 events

In their first 6 months

Our Challenge

The Soar events community is just getting started. In the beginning, the HQ team was using multiple platforms and tools to organize their events. With all their data spread out across different social media platforms, ticketing tools, and various websites, the team struggled to keep track of everything. The HQ team was also hosting and planning all the events for the community. This meant the team was spending a lot of time dealing with the logistics of event planning, when they wanted to be spending time nurturing and growing their community.

The Solution

Bevy has given Soar the tools they need to begin growing their in person community. With Bevy’s permissions, the HQ team at Soar can pass the torch to their local evangelists, and give them the tools they need to run events for their community. Now, instead of worrying about the logistics of each event, the HQ team can continue working on building up community content and providing their members with the best possible information and training. With the Bevy dashboard, the local evangelists are able to create events, email community members, and take ticket payments all with one tool and on one website.

Nate Niederhausern

We want to connect individuals to Soar, and help them live their best life. The in person aspect of our events is so important for matching people up correctly and providing the training and learning they want and need.

Nate Niederhausern
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