Why Bevy.

Who we are: At Bevy, we believe race, ethnicity, and gender are not indicators of potential or success. Coachability and your personal drive to thrive is the only barrier that sits between you and success at Bevy.

What we want: We want people to be exactly who they are. We chase after proactive and authentic, motivated learners who are ready to grow in their career.

How we roll: We welcome everyone from all backgrounds to apply. Even if you do not feel qualified we’d still love to get to know you!

Our Values

These are the values that guide our company. As we continue to evolve and grow, as a brand and as a human being, these five values remain constant.

Community first

We believe in the power of community and prioritize the needs of our community members and teammates. Act with integrity, think about the community, not just ourselves. Help community professionals gain a seat at the table. Work for the benefit of the group, not the individual. Build safe, diverse, and inclusive spaces. Always act with kindness and empathy. Do the right thing.

Build for the passionate advocates, the local organizers. Make sure they can galvanize their community and drive impact. Empower them to make a positive impact on the world.
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Stand up

Protect your principles, defend your position, stand by your customers and our team. Take time off when you need to recharge. Look for opportunities to empower others and raise them up. Stay accountable to your teammates.

Communicate like a legend

Communicate honestly and thoughtfully so everyone is on the same page. Create space, talk to each other, practice radical candor, recognize your colleagues, seek input from others, speak your mind. Communicate before assuming, actively listen, use clear, concise language to convey ideas.
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Build a legacy

Move slow and make stuff. Play the long game. Don’t take shortcuts. Think before you act. Build something with lasting impact. Do what’s needed to get the job done, in the moment, and sustainably over time. Be decisive and have a bias for action.

Let's grow!

Dream big, work hard, learn from your mistakes, adopt a growth mindset, never give up. Challenge yourself to set ambitious but achievable goals. Go the extra mile when necessary. If something isn’t working, seek advice and experiment with new solutions. You only have one life, make it your best life.

Join us in helping build communities.

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At Bevy, we focus on building community and growing our amazing team! We value the people we hire and want to make sure they are happy both at work and outside of work. We want them to lead healthy lives, take the time off they need to unwind and reap the rewards of working with us.

Work from anywhere

We are a 100% remote company. All employees enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere. All you need is a computer and a great internet connection and you are all set!
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Remote work benefits

We offer stipends and reimbursements to help you set up and maintain a comfortable remote work environment. All new employees based in the US and Canada are eligible to receive a $500 one time stipend to set up a home office; a $200 annual technology and office reimbursement; $40 monthly stipend for mobile/internet services; and $40 monthly stipend for other remote related expenses. For employees based outside the US and Canada the one time stipend amount will be determined based on your location at time of hire.

Unlimited paid time off

Employees are encouraged to take time off in a way that works for them and we do not have accrued time off policies. We trust employees to take the time they need when they need a vacation or have an unexpected sick day. We also offer employees the flexibility to observe public holidays based on their location as paid time off, as well as offer a number of company-wide paid days off throughout the year.
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Employee wellness

Here at Bevy we recognize people are at their best when well rested and able to incorporate healthy activities into their day. To help employees with adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle we offer support in a variety of ways; including access to mental health resources through our benefit providers, and/or private vendors. We also offer employees the benefit of company-wide paid mental health day(s) off that occur on a quarterly basis throughout the year as part of our broader paid time off benefit.
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Diverse workforce

We hire amazing people from diverse backgrounds and we have employees who are based all over the world! We are committed to creating a community that champions growth with diversity top of mind in every aspect of how we work together at Bevy.
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Winter holiday break

Depending on your location and role, the majority of employees are able to partake in a winter break period as paid time off during the last weeks of December through New Year's Day. Coordinating company-wide days off during this time of year, where many are celebrating the winter holidays, is a great way for employees to fully disconnect, spend time with their families, and recharge.

Health insurance

All full-time employees based in the US are eligible for health benefits (medical, dental, vision and life insurance) where the company covers 99% of employee premiums and 75% for dependents. For eligible employees based outside the US, we offer low-cost group plan coverage options or provide stipends to help offset the cost of private health care coverage based on location.
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In-Person Gatherings

Opportunities to gather in-person throughout the year are very important to our remote work environment. Whether it's an in-person gathering with your specific team, an in-person gathering that brings employees from different teams together in specific locations, or we go all out to host a company-wide retreat, Bevy is 100% supportive of sponsoring these types of gatherings as frequently as possible.
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Maternity/Parental Leave

We know how important it is for you to take the time off to soak in and care for a new addition to your family. When you welcome a new child Bevy offers maternity and parental leave benefits including 100% paid maternity leave up to 6 weeks, 100% paid parental leave up to 6 weeks, and the option to return to work from maternity and/or parental leave at 50% capacity for up to 4 weeks.
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Founders award

Each October, one or two employees are given an award for outstanding performance and results in the previous year. This is for an employee who goes beyond and above our values and expectations. The award includes a mandatory week away from work and a $5,000 stipend towards an experience to take during that week with their family or partner. Competition is high, but we know you’ve got this!
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Referral bonus

We are growing and building here at Bevy every day! We love it when our employees share their networks with us when new job opportunities open up. To encourage bringing in awesome talent to Bevy, eligible employees will receive a referral bonus for their efforts.


Bevy's sabbatical leave gives you the opportunity to take extended time off to relax, recharge and re-energize enabling you to return to work with a renewed commitment to supporting Bevy’s future success! All employees who have completed at least 5 years of continuous employment are eligible for a 6 week paid sabbatical leave. All employees who have completed at least 10 years of continuous employment are eligible for a 3 month paid sabbatical leave.

Our Team

We are a small but powerful team, dedicated to achieving our mission to bring more community to the world. Our team communicates candidly, giving feedback early and often. We set ambitious goals, and do what it takes to achieve them, while making sure that we take care of our own personal health and mental wellbeing. We’ll want you to be ready to take on a lot of responsibility with guidance and mentorship along the way.

We work to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our team and a better product for our customers and the communities we serve. We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination.

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