Bevy Expands Event Technology Ecosystem With the Release of Bevy Conference App on Mobile

The first set of capabilities provides event organizers with the opportunity to increase engagement and attendance across events of all sorts–hybrid, virtual, or in-person.
October 19, 2021
November 11, 2022
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The first set of capabilities provides event organizers with the opportunity to increase engagement and attendance across events of all sorts–hybrid, virtual, or in-person.

Bevy, the only enterprise community event engine, announces a big move in mobile tech for events with their new Conference App. Following the release of the Integration Suite over the summer, the Bevy Event Technology Ecosystem is more robust than ever. Whether event organizers are hosting a hybrid, virtual, or in-person event, with the Conference App, they’ll be able to empower attendees with a better event experience on the go, while accessing increased attendance and engagement metrics within their organization.

The first wave of Conference app features will focus on allowing event attendees to:

  • Engage with sessions on the go
  • Stay in the loop for the entire event
  • Multitask with dual screen capability
  • Expand their networks with new and lasting connections

“Mobile event apps can offer a personalized experience for different audiences and it makes events more accessible, enjoyable, and interactive. Bevy Conference App is only our first step to help event organizers unlock the full potential of their events and communities to realize higher ROI. The Conference app is a remarkable milestone for Bevy and Eventtus after the acquisition a couple of months ago and it confirms our commitment to lead the community-led events in the post COVID-19 era,” - says Mai Medhat, VP of Innovation at Bevy.

The Bevy Conference App is designed with both event organizers and attendees in mind. As more people adopt mobile event technology for use within their communities, an evolution of events will occur. In order to meet this need, the Bevy Product Team will be working diligently to bring new features to this application every month.

By leveraging the Bevy Conference App, you have the opportunity to be accessible and engaging from anywhere. Get all the perks of Bevy on the go.

With July’s acquisition of Eventtus, an Egypt-based mobile event application company, the addition of the Conference App to the Bevy Ecosystem continues to build toward a seamless community and event experience for the attendee whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

About Bevy

Founded in 2017, Bevy is the only end-to-end enterprise community event platform in the world. Purpose-built for marketing executives, community professionals and event organizers who are responsible for building communities of customers, developers and employees at large and mid-sized enterprise technology companies.

Bevy can connect virtual, hybrid and in-person events across the entire enterprise event tech stack in order to give enterprise teams a full 360 view of their customers, prospects and employees and scale business results across the entire organization.

Bevy was purpose-built by the team behind Startup Grind to help companies build, grow, and scale their global customer, prospect, and employee communities. With chapters in more than 500 cities and 125 countries worldwide, Startup Grind is the most connected community of startups and entrepreneurs in the world; it remains one of Bevy’s many customers and its largest stakeholder.

In 2019, Bevy acquired CMX, the world’s largest organization of community professionals. The Bevy Virtual Community and the Bevy Virtual Conference platform address the needs of both community and event marketing professionals. For additional information, visit

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October 19, 2021
November 11, 2022