Better Together: Bevy Acquires Eventtus

Better Together: Bevy Acquires Eventtus

May 23, 2022

A few years ago, I discovered Eventtus. 

Startup Grind was about to host its annual conference and like most organizers around the world, we were searching for the perfect event app tool to deliver a seamless experience for attendees.

Introducing Eventtus

When I first used Eventtus’ mobile application, it was an aha moment. Based in Egypt, Mai Medhat and Nihal Fares and their team of engineers and product builders created a product that handled the end-to-end conference experience for attendees and provided organizers and sponsors with a self-serve platform to have a great event. 

What was most striking about the Eventtus app is how intuitive it was to use for the organizer and attendee. We brought on Eventtus to power the Startup Grind mobile experience and the results exceeded our expectations with thousands of attendee connections and a very happy team.

Beyond an incredible mobile event app, Mai and Nihal bring a decade of event and community experience across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States. Having to adjust to different pain points and user experiences across regions, Mai and Nihal have a decade of experience enduring resilience and curiosity to building a great product and team.

The Future of Bevy

Bevy is building a community event engine to turn all your events into a community experience. We work toward that every day through prioritizing the pains of organizers and attendees. Joining forces with Eventtus allows for us to further that mission. As of today, the Eventtus team is joining our family. The benefits of combining tech stacks with Eventtus include: 

  • An interactive mobile app to help you increase engagement
  • Integrated and customizable registration and ticketing system 
  • Networking hub powered by our matchmaking algorithm 
  • Interactive sessions with polls, Q&A and reactions
  • Stronger sponsors & exhibitors experience to drive ROI
  • Exhibitors Panel Portal to customize booths with real-time analytics 

The acquisition will accelerate the development of Bevy’s core functionality, but will also help us to deliver a deeper customer experience across all kinds of virtual, hybrid and in-person events. We are excited to support organizers and attendees across the world as they enter a new era of events and community technology. 

Join us on this next chapter in Bevy history. 

Let’s Grow!


Derek Andersen

Derek Andersen

Derek has spent the past 10 years building communities. He is the co-founder/CEO of Bevy, a SaaS product that helps companies like Salesforce, Atlassian, Asana, and Duolingo build virtual and in-person communities. Derek co-founded Startup Grind, a community of 600 Chapters in 125 countries designed to educate, inspire, and connect startup people. Since 2012 Startup Grind has hosted 10,000 events for more than 250,000 people. In 2010 he co-founded Commonred which was acquired by Derek also previously worked at Electronic Arts on games like Burnout and The Sims 3. He currently lives in Palo Alto CA with his wife and four children.

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